Yes, we have a building site.

It’s been a big week, and all very exciting for us. Early this week, we received our full set of permits – allowing us to get stuck in at the site. Progress has been rapid. A magnificent gutting job by the demolition team saw the old kitchen, washrooms, office, and bar quickly removed. The whole space was unrecognisable from the former bar and nightclub.

In many ways it was part archaeology – tracing the history of Winnipeg’s nightlife. We found astroturf underneath the railing posts – suggesting that the bar area had been completely covered in it at one time. There were hidden monopitch roofs over the washrooms. Another hidden wall was painted in 1980s Bombers colours. Yet another wall was a homage to Ikea or Sweden in their traditional blue and yellow. We found some kegs of beer – some full, some opened. Our unfortunate site manager, Kyle, got sprayed with beer from a cut pipe. We reckoned the beer had sat in it for over a year, it stank out the whole place.

Today, this space has been divided with studding for the cooler and the wall that will stand between the taproom and the brewery. The former multilevel bar is no more – our space is all one level and will be fully accessible, with plenty of universal washrooms.

The taproom will be bright and airy, with east facing windows and access to the western patio. It’s quite an expansive space but will be fantastic for events or equally a quiet pint with a book.

Early next week will see the addition of a loading door and the start of any trenchwork and concrete pouring.