Winterlong is coming!

On a day like today, it’s great to be indoors, working on a laptop with a special coffee at your elbow. But for some of you, it will have meant a hard morning’s graft. It’s tough jump-starting a husky while receiving texts from misplaced Manitobans in Vancouver complaining about their damp cold and the price of soy-based lattes. Poor babies. But just how do you jump-start a husky?

But you know whom you can rely on? Yes, the Manitoba Brewers Association is stepping up and taking one for Team Winnipeg. The first Winterlong Strong Beer Festival will be held indoors at the Park Theatre on February 16th. Twelve Winnipeg breweries have collaborated to bring a truly local sampling event, featuring no beer below 7% ABV. Expect to see a lot of small batches and event exclusive brews! Tickets Available Here.

We’ve already put some brews in tanks for this event which we’re excited to pour for you. One is a truly small batch, while the other will be a seasonal release.

Stay Warm!