Will it rain, who knows.

The only thing consistant about the weather right now is its inconsistancy. Friday night, with the Bomber home game, the storms passed our patio by until close to kickoff, infact it was raining at the stadium a good hour before, and we’re close by.

Hard to plan ahead, but ahead we must. This Friday Canada Day, July 1, we have another popup kitchen. All afternoon we shall have eat treats from Chef Alex, so if you’re out and about in the afternoon, swing by for a beer and munchies.

Have you tried our revised cocktail menu with all your favourites like Malibu Georg?

We’re also changing our Wednesday and Thursday hours, staying open to 10.00pm instead of 9.00pm, last orders are now 9.30pm. So that’s more time to sit on our newly improved patio or take the dog to the brewery for a walk. Speaking of which, did you know that pets are always welcome on our patio? We also provide water and treats for your furry friends.