When you walk through a storm…

It’s the most glorious time of the year, the Champions League Final. Well it’s glorious if you win. And that didn’t happen last year, but hope springs eternal. And Irish Paul has an extra spring in his little Irish legs this week as the big game approaches. If you’re not interested in round ball games, or have been living under a rock, it’s Liverpool versus Spurs in the final.

We’re open at Noon on Saturday with the game on the wall. We aim to provide a safe environment for Reds of all ages with no Man U fans cheering for Spurs. Nothing to trigger a LFC fan here!

Too often we have had to endure the slings and arrows of United fans, Chelsea fans, and now more recently and most horrible of all, City Fans. But no more! Come watch the game with your people! Wear your jerseys, scarves and bring flags! We will be opening at Noon on the day and have some buildup to get us all in the mood…. If only we had some songs to sing like those Valour FC fans….