What’s the story?

So you’ll have heard the announcements of beverage room closures for two weeks, and then that the beverage room closures were cancelled. It’s all very confusing and you’re probably asking how it applies to us as a brewery. Well, we currently remain open as we have a different form of alcohol license and were not asked to close by the government. As we have noticed some different trends emerging in customers, we may however adjust our hours, but rest assured that we will let you know.

This coming Saturday, we have a pop-up shop from Sasshole Crafts who will be onhand showcasing the range of Brumate products available. Get an early start on your holiday shopping and have a beer at the same time. These are great for hot or cold beverages.

Lots of Liverpool games coming up, which as per usual, we’re showing on the wall. We’re going to start showing other major or what we think should be the better games on afternoons that Liverpool aren’t involved. So keep an eye out for our Match O’The Day series. And if they go ahead, and who knows for sure, we will have the last two Ireland games in the 6 Nations rugby on the wall.

And Hallowe’en is close, we’re planning our 3rd Annual Hallowe’en Movie Night as we speak. Should be fun!

Stay well!