What’s love got to do with it?

Irish once worked with a guy, whose idea of romance was to produce a sheaf of densely written paper covered edge to edge with his unrequited feelings for another co-worker. Weirdly it never worked, they never got together, and he now walks the earth alone and single for all eternity. So we get that Valentines Day is a major pain in the butt for many. So skip the gas station flowers and heart shaped chocolates this year, and grab your other half for a couple of beers at the brewery. Or even somebody else’s other half.

We’re having a Pop-up kitchen from Loaf+Honey, and three small batches. Yes, three, all designed to warm up your small embittered soul! One, a Sichuan Pepper Peanut Butter Stout, another a Cinnamon Red, and the third is a small batch cider, My Bloody Valentine.

In addition to the food and drinkies, there will be shenanigans with a drop in pub quiz. Teams of one or two, drop in for a round, or stay for many rounds, and maybe you’ll win a chance to spin the Wheel of Lust (formerly the Wheel of Death, and Wheel of Xmas). There will be music, there will be fun goddammit. We must have fun! You, there, at the back, have fun!

We’re Hiring
We are looking for casual taproom servers!
If you are energetic, a self-starter, a people person and enthusiastic about craft beer – we invite you to join our team!