What would Harold Shand do?

It’s no longer the Long Good Friday, a day of fasting and abstinence. Sure you can still do that, but personally we all prefer a couple of leisurely afternoon pints. So we’re open tomorrow (Good Friday) from Noon onwards as usual. Open Saturday as per normal, but closed Easter Sunday.

It’s a far cry from Good Friday in Dublin, when Irish Paul used to laugh at the English stag weekenders wandering around Dublin on Good Friday, dry and sober, and rather cross at whomever booked Dublin instead of Edinburgh.

But it’s another new brew day at the brewery – today we’re working on a collaboration beer with Jeremy Wells of Brazen Hall – a truly Pembina Highway beer to be unveiled in a few weeks. And the unveiling will be a fun event, that you won’t want to miss.

Talking of events, there are still tickets for our Radio Play on April 9.

And there’s only a couple more days to enjoy Samhain – disappearing off the taps at close on Saturday March 31.

And the Harold Shand reference? Check out The Long Good Friday, an excellent British gangster film! Best enjoyed with growlers of Brennan’s Barn Pale Ale.