What a Day!

What a day Saturday was. We had no idea what to expect. Even Irish Paul’s “build it and they will come” approach was wavering when faced with an empty or almost empty taproom at 1pm. Be careful what you wish for, because then the floodgates opened and we were pretty much jammed all day. Even with a healthy amount of extra tables and chairs, it was tough to find a seat. But Winnipeggers, being Winnipeggers, had no trouble sharing tables and making new friends on the day. We really hope that you all had a great time!

Our two new beers seemed to go down well, at least based on the numnber of keg changes needed. Brennan’s Barn will be around fpr a while, but the Mountjoy Irish Coffee is a smaller batch so come down and try it when you still can.

We wouldlike to thank all our entertainment on the day – you did a wonderful job and we want you all back next year. Next year will be bigger promises Irish Paul. Bloody Hell.