What a bloody year!*

Still awaiting the invasion force from planet Xylon25B? Or starting to relax? Well, that was a year or three rolled into one. Throughout all the stoppages, the half-open half-closed periods otherwise known as retail only, the government blaming all bars and restaurants, there was one great constant. You!

Yes you, don’t be looking over your shoulder in-case somebody more glamourous or important has entered the room behind you. You deserve to be Time Person of the Year. That might not happen but you’re the Stone Angel Person of the Year for all your efforts. It’s a shared award, don’t be expecting a trophy.

We just want to say a big heartfelt thank you to everyone who helped get us through the year: whether as a customer, retail or propping up the bar; as a volunteer, you know who you are; or as a member of our serving staff here whose hours were a little less than expected this year. Also a big thanks to our friends in the hospitality industry who serve our beer and have been closed for large chunks of the year. We feel your pain, there are definitely days where it is hard to get out of bed.

Bleak as the year was, there was at least some highlights. Our grand opening of Brewery Not Plaza Station (have you seen the video), popup kitchens from Little Goat Eats and Loaf+Honey, the unbridled joy of our Liverpool FC fans, burger week with PVG’s Streeteats, and our Baltic Brothers Cocktails featuring our beers. There were new releases and a lot of days labelling cans. Sadly, there was to be no Blue Bomber pre-gaming, or indeed Blue Bomber games.

There’s nothing quite as sad as looking at an empty taproom as we write this. We miss our customers, but hopefully we shall see you again soon. Perhaps we’ll get to have a St. Patrick’s Day in 2021. Irish Paul is working on the basis that we will. Although it might be outside.

So on behalf of everyone at Stone Angel, have a Happy New Year, and stay healthy. Enjoy one of our beers today, think of us, and know that we’re thinking of you.


*An alternate title for this post was intended as “thank f***, it’s over”