We promised you cheese

Delighted to add a pack of two wonderful cheeses by local cheesemaker Loaf+Honey to our online store today. A limited edition, one of the cheeses is made with Samhain, our Smoked Porter. The other is their excellent Golden Prairie. Blessed are the cheesemakers indeed when they bring us goodies like this.

Golden Prairie is a hand washed cheese based on the recipe passed down to Loaf+Honey from Brother Alberic. It is a semi hard cheese that melts easily and has a slightly pungent earthy aroma with a milder creamier flavors. 100g Sealed Pack

Golden Samhain is a collaboration With Stone Angel using Samhain, a Smoked Porter. The cheese is made using the Golden Prairie method but before shaping the cheese, the curds were tossed into a reduction of the beer to allow the concentrated flavors of the beer mingle with the creamy cheese curds. 85g Sealed Pack

Truly wonderful cheeses that definitely will enhance your cheese board or charcuterie evening this Christmas. Available online for adding to your beer order for curbside pickup or delivery.