Watching very large Buff

Looks like summer is here already, doesn’t it? And there’s still hockey to be played. And beer to be drunk, and a big screen to watch. Yes, we added a projector to the taproom to show important events – Jets Hockey, Royal Weddings, Champions League Final (G’wan Liverpool), World Cup games not including England. Actually some of that is patently untrue. There’s no way we’re showing the Royal Wedding – well it’s not like he’s really a prince is he? And yes, we will show England – it’s not like they’re going deep anyway.

In other news, one of our 60 Glasses babies has graduated, grown up, and moved to a big tank. It should be ready in a few weeks, and will be available only in the taproom.

We’re also working on adding some shade, colour, and softening of our deck patio. Irish Paul wants to paint hopscotch squares. “Think of the spillage” say the others. “Exactly” says Irish Paul. He’s so cheap you’d swear he was from Cavan.