Upcoming Events

Just a heads-up that Winnipeg’s most aggressive, micro-aggressive, and passive-aggressive (you can be all three at the same time) trivia quiz is taking a break until Tuesday &th November, as the quiz-maestro is off on a wee holiday. If you haven’t tried it, mark your calendar, and come along – it’s great fun. By aggresive we do mean competitive, it’s not like fights break out…

And yes, we are showing the Rugby World Cup Final this Saturday afternoon on both screens, with full audio! Poor Irish, he had so badly wanted Ireland to make it that he no longer cares who wins as long as it’s a cracking game which it should be. Perfect time for a pint or two, as the game starts at 2pm.

Also upcoming after the International break is Liverpool vs Forest at 9am on Sunday morning in the Premier League. Forest fans are welcome, are there any in Winnipeg?

Well done to the Blue Bombers who now progress to the Western Final, here in Winnipeg on the November 11th. We shall of course be open for your pregaming needs and fire up the firepit which was a lovely spot to mingle pre and post game last Saturday.