Tryanuary not Dryanuary

It’s almost the end of the year, although it sometimes feels like the end of times if you read the news, or at least the twitter version of it. It’s been a good year here with some great events, and some fabulous beers.

But we believe in looking forward, if only because we have a stiff neck and looking over our shoulder aggravates it. And January is such an awful month, we’re putting together some beer releases and events to brighten it up. So get out of the house and visit your local breweries and try what they have to offer in this the most miserable of months.

Cider Wedesdays is continuing from the 8th with a lovely Black Cherry Cider. Later in the month, we have a dry cider, and two Scottish themed ciders either side of Burns Night. But you guys are Irish says ye. Och aye, correct, but we take pity on our Celtic brethern if only because we like beating them in football and rugby. So on Burns Night Eve (yes, we made that up), we will have some live music, a popup kitchen from Loaf + Honey, and are releasing a Parcel of Rogues – a fourpack of beer featuring the 2020 batch of Highlander and a wee something else.

Other events to look forward to include Valentines Night and Barrelfest. Valentines night usually means overpriced restaurants with cutdown menus for people who normally never go out, and who will sit in silence staring at each other. What fun! So skip all that and come down here for a beer or two, DJ Stop. on the vinyl, and maybe spin the Wheel of Lurve, formally known as the Wheel of Death. Who knows what fun things we’ll be pouring?

In February we are presenting Barrelfest which will be an epic, mass release of Barrel aged beers from Devil May Care and ourselves. Details to come.

So Happy New Year to you all!