Traditional Irish Music & Bomber Pregaming!

If you haven’t been paying attention, and face it, who really pays attention to the ramblings of a brewery…. yadda… yadda.. yadda… beer.. yadda. The average person only reads one in four words, so you saw yadda. Anyway if you were paying attention, you know that the local chapter of Comhaltas has been playing a session in the taproom on Thursday. Come down, they’re great, playing traditional Irish tunes on a wide variety of instruments. Starting 7ish.

Friday is a Winnipeg Blue Bomber home game and to mark it, we have a food truck coming to park beside the patio. The Red Ember will be here pregame for all your pizza needs. What better way to start a Friday than a couple of great beers and some pizza on the patio – even if you’re not going to the game! And if you are, simply place your Stone Angel receipt on your car dashboard, park it out back, and walk down, you can see the stadium from the carpark. We have planned a whole series of food truck nights to coincide with Bomber home games!

See you in the taproom!