There’s never a frown with Northern Brown

Yes, that’s a riff on a song about heroin, but did you know that Charleswood is named after Charlie, which is another word for Cocaine. Sounds like a Winnipeg factoid that could almost be true, right? And by the way, the writer Hugh Cornwell of The Stranglers said it also referred to his girlfriend at the time. And it’s a great song.

1981, but a big single in 1982, since you’re probably just thinking what year that was.

So it’s new beer time. We’re open almost five years now, and we’ve never done a brown. So here it is, “See A Man About A Dog”. A flavourful, malt focused Northern Brown Ale with hints of nuttiness, biscuit, and caramel in an overall balanced beer. With a moderate, off-white to light tan head. So we stand over the statement that there’s never a frown with Northern Brown.

Why the name? In parts of Northern England (it’s grim up north aye), seeing a man about a dog is a euphenism for going for a beer. In some places, asking for a pint of dog is asking for a pint of a locally popular and famous brown ale. We think Jack Carter would approve.

Coming in cans and draught this week, including the Common at The Forks.