There’s a goat in me kitchen

There’s a goat in me kitchen what am I gonna do?
There’s a goat in me kitchen what am I gonna go?

Apologies to the good folks at UB40, but delighted to announce our first pop-up of 2021. We’re having the one, the only, man, myth, and legend all rolled in to one, Chef Alex of Little Goat, back with his crew serving up culinary delights in the taproom.

When, throw us a bone here, you cry. Stop teasing us.

So here’s your supper plans for Friday night, March 12.
Or lunch on Saturday, March 13.

  • Brewmaster’s Pop Corn, 4
    Candied pecans, crispy bacon, brewer’s yeast and crumbled feta
  • Pork Belly Sliders 5 ea
    With kale slaw, spicy bbq sauce and crispy onions
  • Street food hummus 6
    Hummus, chickpea salad, eggplant relish, fresh herbs, pita
  • Mac & Cheese Nacho-style 7
    Creamy mac & cheese topped with tomatoes, crispy jalapenos, green onions, olives and
    sour cream. Add taco beef for $3
  • Chilled Shrimp Noodle Salad 7
    With poached shrimp, thai basil, cucumber, snap peas, carrot, daikon, cilantro and mint
  • Pecan, Brown Butter Blondies 5
    Topped with warm butterscotch sauce and cinnamon whipped cream

I’m gonna eat that food that’s what I’m gonna do,
I’m gonna eat that food