The weekend starts now!

Yes, it does, Look in the mirror or any nearby reflective surface and repeat after us, “it’s the weekend, I deserve it”. And then go and have a great time.

While we do have a team at the Ballpark Brewfest on Saturday, the taproom is of course still open all weekend. And we have a small batch cider on tap – “Fuzzy Peach” not of course fuzzy Peaches which is what you find at the bottom of the fruit bowl.

Our new American Pilsner is on tap, and we’re awaiting the return of some favourites, West Hawk Girls, and Two Pence Halfpenny. Marcellus is currently out of stock. So that does mean there’s going to be some big changes to the tap lineup as some beers are being rotated out.

The weather looks mixed but we know that will likely change or be downright wrong. Either way, a good excuse to get out on the bike and go for a beer. Or just walk the dog here.

Have a gooder!