The Bowl of the Banjo

It’s that weekend again, when our cousins from the next province over drop by for a few drinks! Like all relatives, there are two approaches to dealing with this – mute the tv, draw the drapes, turn off the lights, and hide behind the sofa – or just invite them in, tell them how wonderful they are, and pour them the cheap stuff from the back of the drinks cabinet.

Not us though. We are always delighted to have the green-clad visitors swing by and mingle with our blue-clad regulars. And as a special treat this weekend, we have La Taqueria Mexican Street Tacos alongside the patio from Noon to 3pm! These are the best tacos in town in our opinion. And as the evening cools off, we plan on lighting the firepit outside to let the evening continue.

We will be open from 8.30am showing the Ireland vs Romania game in the rugby! Beers from 9am. See you tomorrow.