Summer Has Fallen

Looks like summer has definitely fallen, that’s the Gerard Butler movie they didn’t make. But maybe they should have, as our hero frantically runs around the city keeping patios open. But as long as there are sunny afternoons, our patio is still open.

We have Monday Night Comedy this week, a revolving cast of comedians and a different headliner every week. This week our headliner is Herbert Henries, comedy dangerist, next week it’s Jon Ljungberg. Patio and doors from 6.30, the talent from 8ish – comedians will never run the German railway system, just saying.

Friday sees another Blue Bomber gameday with the fine folks of Champs Foodtruck parking beside the patio, and what a great menu they’re bringing, a fusion of Filipino and Canadian classics. The food will be available from 4pm onwards. As per usual, the game will be on our two screens inside after the game going fans head off to the stadium.