So this is 2023, looks like 2022! And 2021!

Still no flying cars yet. Every year into the 21st century becomes a disappointment due to the lack of Jetsons style flying cars. Or flying vans. We’d settle for a flying car like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, although it may be more Chilly Chilly Bang Bang in Winnipeg.

Once again as we are paid by the word, we’re stretching this out before telling you the important nuggets of information. Like last year and the previous one, we’re shortening our weekday hours for a couple of weeks. Wednesday and Thursdays will see earlier closing at 6pm, with Friday, Saturday, and Sunday hours as normal.

It’s that Highlander time of year, the 2023 version is in the tank and will be coming around Burns’ Night.

We’re expecting to restart our Monday Night comedy in 2 weeks with a new fun Tuesday night event planned. So stay tuned!