…so the city is deserted…

Movie pitch meeting somewhere in Hollywood, their own writers are striking, so they’re pretty much open to pitches from anywhere.

“…so the city is deserted…”
“…because of a nuclear apocalypse, right? Love a good nuclear apocalypse movie! We will call Tom Hanks!”
“no, because the populace has fled…”
“…from a viral attack. Love a good virus disaster movie! We will call Tom Cruise!”
“noo, because it’s August Long Weekend and they’ve gone camping or to the lake.”
“…where there will be cocaine fueled bears, right? Love a good cocaine fueled beer movie! We will call Yogi!”
“nooo, everyone is going to have a great time and no bad things happen.”
“…oh. Is Brent Butt still alive?”

As filler articles go, this is only alright, and shows why my movie writing career stalled. But it serves as a reminder that we are closed on the Monday (as per usual). But we are open for beers inside and/or out, and for beers to go Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Have a great weekend!