So long and thanks for all the fish!

So the Little Englanders had their way and left the oppresive European superstate. Also sadly spawning a whole heap of other -exits including Wexit. No, not those fine upstanding people in Alberta, but Winnipeg Exit where we declare ourselves a City State (People’s Republic of Winnipeg anyone?) and gain independence from the evil empire of the Manitoba Legislature. Although this would leave the city council in charge, perhaps it’s not the most well thought out of plans. We shall have a few more beers to think about it.

So as a tip of the hat to plucky Little England, we’re having BritNight this Friday evening where a smorgasbord of English style beers (although they cannot use the word Smorgasbord anymore) will be on tap and on cask. The English version of smorgasbord is probably a skinful.

  • Miss Havisham Regrets is back. On draft and available in cans to go.
  • Nocturne, our English Dark Mild, is back after almost 15 months on holiday in Spain (again not something it can do easily now). We’ll be using the hand pulled beer engine for this 3.25% beer. Also available in cans for the first time.
  • Old Ale – A new beer from Devil May Care, so new that they don’t have a name for it. It likely won’t be available until Fall as it is being barrel aged. This cask version is smooth and flavourful, and worth the trip to try.
  • Small Batch Cider – Earl Grey Cider