So here we are…. 365 days and 41 beers later

Trying to figure out our official birthday. Is it the day we started construction (May 1), the day we got our license (August 30), the day we had a soft opening (September 16), or the day we officially opened for the first full weekend (September 22). It was a tough one to decide, so after careful research and trawling through social media posts, it seems that September 22 can best be described as our birthday. So tomorrow we are one. ONE!

It’s been a year of ups and downs.

A year where we only had to ask one person to leave for being hammered. He argued a bit, and then vindicated our decision by urinating over a car parked out in front, in full view of the taproom customers. No performance anxiety there.

There’s been nights where the taproom was dead quiet, and then the nights of mayhem like St. Patrick’s Day, or the night we lost half the power during a beer launch with a full taproom and live music.

We’ve added some roomies – Devil May Care and Kilter Brewing – it’s like a bad sitcom but with way better beer, and much more handsome central characters.

Its been a year of constant expansion, opening with 2 beers, stretching to 5, then 7, and now to our present lineup which also includes taps from Devil May Care Brewing and Kilter Brewing – up to 18 lines.

A year of pulled muscles, some scalding, mild acid burns, almost complete exhaustion, but some hilarious moments along the way. Some arguments, but lots of beer!

As we’re low-key type of folk, we’re not throwing an official birthday bash, or giving away free stuff, just providing the same great beers and craic at the taproom. Although we will probably throw a year-end celebration near Christmas.

Thanks to the Winnipeg brewing community for letting us, three former home-brewers join their ranks and becoming good friends along the way. Thanks to our licensee customers for stocking our product in their establishments! But mostly thanks to you, our customers, especially our large body of regulars, for continuing to support us this last year.

At this time of general happiness, visitors to the taproom are welcome. Beer bottles in lieu of flowers please. And here’s to another great year!