Seconds out! Round 3….

See, just like our glorious Premier, we too can use sports metaphors badly. So here we go Team Manitoba, we reopen for beers on the premises Friday at Noon. Patio and all. It’s going to be a lovely weekend.

Ah yes, the rules, there’s a lot of no-no’s.

No sitting with your friends, that’s bad m’kay, you may only sit with your household, you know that person you see every damned day. Even on the patio.

No more than 5 at a table, even on the patio.

No wandering. You must remain seated at your table except for bathroom breaks. So no wandering over to chat with friends at another table. Even on the patio. Notice a pattern?

No dancing, was that ever a problem? Even on the patio!

No beers without food. Food must be consumed on the premises from one of our neighbouring restaurants or any other local restaurant. We recommend Huang Pu River, Tehran Cafe, and IGI BBQ & Sushi Bistro. If your food is ordered, we will need to see the receipt so you can order beer. Sorry, government rules. No, ordering food via Uber Eats or Skip The Dishes doesn’t fulfill the criteria. And no, we don’t know why either.

We will be checking ID, and asking you to check in for contact tracing.

Our hours are still fluid, as we’re dependent on the restaurant kitchens adjacent, but the plan for this weekend is Friday & Saturday, Noon to 8pm. And Sunday Noon – 6pm. For the moment we have suspended Happy Hour except for Sundays.

Things you can do.
You can have a nice refreshing pint. Have fun. Chill.