Saving Canada Post the effort

Hands in the air. Fully accepting the charges, it’s a fair cop guv, guilty as charged m’lud. Yes, we have watched too many UK cop shows but today we find ourselves guilty of the most heinous crime – as the mailman drowned us in a deluge of Christmas cards. Well drowned is an exaggeration – not counting the MLA and City Councillor cards (neither of whom we could name) we got two. Two cards. And one of those was to Devil May Care and identical to the other one actually addressed to us. We opened it by accident, we were so very excited.

So it got us thinking, no, not of the meaning of Christmas, but how to outdo everyone else. So then we had an idea. Let’s put a Christmas card into the hands of anyone who wants one from us – hi Mom! At no cost to ourselves! With minimal effort! Without the fear of forgetting somebody actually important, like the guy in charge of naming bus stations on the Rapid Transit! Without having to sign the same thing a couple of dozen times!

So here’s your Christmas card, print it out and fill in as needed!Happy Christmas. How cool are you now?