Samhain or Hallowe’en to you!

Remember “William Shatner’s Worst Movie Ever” last year? Despite being asked if we would care to repeat the experience, to which we’re open but only if William Shatner were to actually show up, we’re changing up the Hallowe’en movie lineup.

As with last year, we’re going with a classic old one, a schlock horror one, and a true classic. This years headline bill will be The Exorcist with suporting acts from The Fall of the House of Ussher. and a as yet to be decided movie. There are so many truly bad ones out there but we want the worst of the worst.

It should be a fun night – movies start 630ish.

As you know Samhain, (pronounced Sow-in) is the original Irish hallowe’en festival. And a really great Smoked Porter. And its back this weekend, Samhain will be available in cans and on draft at the taproom, and better beer stores.