Relax! Don’t do it

It’s the last long weekend of the summer! And if you’re a kid, which I hope not, as this is a brewery website, it’s the last weekend before going back to school. So Relax!

We’re relaxing. On a side note, isn’t it great that the word ‘chillax’ seems to have been dropped back into the pit of despair that it came from, it’s a word guaranteed to get you a lifetime ban from the taproom. But anyway we digress. As per our usual fashion, we’re closed the Sunday of a long weekend, allowing you, our loyal readers and drinkers, to spend some time elsewhere. But rest assured, we’re open Saturday for all your take-out needs to get you through this horrible period.

If it’s not too personal a question, did you Prost! last year? No, You missed a great evening! Yes, you also missed a great evening! As they said about about the 1960s, if you can remember them then you weren’t really there man! Do you want to Prost! this year? Tickets for this years event are now on sale at Eventbrite. It’s going to be a great day of beer samples, leather pants, and beer samples. We even have a new beer coming, and the return of our lovely Rotbier, Roter Hase, which will be available in cans this year for the first time.