Pucker up Persephone

At this time of year it’s easy to feel sour! It’s cold, you’re broke, its almost tax season! So we here at Chateau Stone Angel have decided to embrace it, and give it a little cuddle.

The location, top secret brewers lair.
“Let’s make a sour cider” cried Paul the Brewer from his leather backed swivel chair, while stroking his favourite white cat!
“Woohoo” cried Irish Paul and James back at him.
“Lets use some pom” muses the brewer.
“French apples?” questions James.
“Pomegranate! Who doesn’t love pomegranate?” cries Paul, reaching for the lever that opens a trapdoor under the acolytes.
“Awesome. Yes Boss.” cried Paul and James back at him hurriedly.
“And We all know the legend of Persephone don’t we?”
*Trapdoor opens*

So this is rather a long way of letting you, dear reader, know that this weekend’s 60 Glasses is a Pomegranate Sour Cider. It’s wicked as Hades.