Pour some maple on me

A beautiful sunny morning here at the little brown 1970s stripmall has us staring into the future like some 1950s sales pitch for a big finned car. Perhaps one of us is even pointing at something off camera. But really we’re staring at our taps and thinking nine into eight doesn’t go.

Yes, nine. St. Patrick’s Day is next Saturday, March 17 and we’re releasing two new beers that day. Not 60 Glasses amounts, actual real seasonals. And there will be traditional Irish music, bagpipes, dancing, and shenanigans. Actually we barred the Shenanigans after the unfortunate incident with the goat – Mrs. Shenanigan wasn’t best pleased to be honest. Anyway digression.

Irish Paul is from Monaghan, and their greatest cultural export, actually some would say their ONLY cultural export is the poet Patrick Kavanagh. Gently encouraged into generations of Irish schoolkids, or beaten into them if you prefer, are two of his works – Stony Grey Soil, and Inniskeen Road : July evening. With Patrick’s Day approaching and Irish waxing lyrical about some old rubbish, we decided that we would name our new Pale Ale after an iconic locale from Inniskeen Road – Brennans Barn. This Pale Ale is influenced by the IPA trends in Irish craft beer and will provide a different experience from out stalwart Kaiser Bill.

The other release is from our ongoing Mountjoy stouts family, and is a marriage of two quintessentially Irish drinks – the flavours of an Irish Coffee in medium bodied stout. Did you know that the Irish coffee was invented at Foynes airport in Ireland to warm up transatlantic aircrew? And was originally made with instant coffee? But fear not, there’s no instant here, only the best beans from Black Pearl. So look for Mountjoy Irish Coffee.

But in the meantime, there’s another 60 Glasses tomorrow – a Maple Bacon Porter which promises to be a subtle exercise is some of our favourite flavours. See you at the taproom!