Parcel of Rogues – A new 4 pack release!

They lied. Hollywood lied to us. They said there could be only one. But also thanks to American television, we know the truth is out there. And so on Friday January 24, we shall gather to celebrate the arrival of Highlander (2020). Available on draft and in a canned four pack along with a new beer Selkirk.

Inspired by Scottish shortbread, Selkirk is a blonde oatmeal dessert stout brewed without roast and finished with jaggery sugar. Lord Selkirk, who brought many Scottish people to Manitoba was a Douglas. His family tartan, used on the Selkirk can, lends the blue to the official Manitoba Tartan which we feature on the Highlander can!

The fourpack “Parcel of Rogues” will only be available at the taproom. Both beers will also be available on draft. As the night is the evening before Burns’ Night, we’re giving the evening a Scottish theme with a popup kitchen from Loaf+Honey, and some music!