OMG is it Spring? Can it really be happening?

Apologies for sounding like an over enthusiastic teenager, but the weather looks… shall we say… promising?

Down at Stone Angel Towers, we like to see ourselves as optimistic, so we’re rolling with it and getting the shorts out. Now whether they’ll fit is another thing. Busy week at the taproom though even if we cannot bend over in our shorts.

  • Monday night sees our recurring Comedy night.
  • Tuesday afternoon, we’re opening for the second leg of the Champions League semifinal between Villareal and the team from Liverpool that’s not dicing with relegation. Thoughts and prayers for Burnley.
  • Wednesday afternoon, we’re showing the other semifinal, and what a cracker the first game was – Real Madrid v Man City. Also on Wednesday evening the boys at Full Geek Brew Lab (or the Fuggables as we like to call them) are formally launching. In addition to an evening of geeking out to Star Wars, it’s May the Fourth, there’s rumours of a small batch beer release in bottles.
  • Thursday is Cinco de Mayo, or as somebody pointed out to us, it should be Cinco de County Mayo, and we have a popup by Chef Alex and a special cider. It was planned that Onkel Georg would be ready to roll out that day but a delay in the juice arriving has pushed it back.

Other events coming up during May are the FA Cup Final, the UEFA Women’s Champions League Final, and the biggest game of football of the year the UEFA Champions League Final.

Oh yes, the patio is open.