Oh god, he’ll be unbearable now…

Explaining the difference between a stout and a schwarzbier just got easier for 15 Canadian beer professionals who were just awarded scholarships through the Cicerone® Certification Program and the Canadian Brewing Awards’ Second Annual National Beer Scholarship. And one of them happens to be Irish Paul.

Twelve of the recipients, one from each province and territory, were awarded with BeerSavvy® Online, an eLearning course that prepares them to write their Certified Beer Server Exam.

“I talk a lot about beer, not just our beer, but any beer the customers want to chat about. I’d like to back up my own experience of beers with some solid knowledge and certifications,” says Clerkin. “Plus, it’ll help improve the knowledge of the staff who work alongside me.”

As we all know, Irish loves the sound of his own voice and undoubtedly he’ll share everything he thinks he knows with the rest of us. But we’re sure it’s a good thing. And if his voice gets too grating, we’ll just insist on him sharing using the medium of interpretative dance. And video it for Youtube….