Och seadh, tha an t-àm ann

Which is Scot’s Gaelic for Och aye, it’s that time! As we all know that the Irish are the sexiest of the Celtic peoples, we do like to make sure that some of our, glow is a good word, travels to our brothers and sisters across the North Channel.

So to remember the brightest flowering of their great literary tradition, yes way better than Irvine Welsh, we release our annual batch of canned Highlander in time to accompany your haggis on Burns Night. 25 Faoilleach, ma tha thu a’ faighneachd.

Available at all the better beer vendors and from the taproom.
Ri fhaighinn aig a h-uile neach-reic lionn as fheàrr agus bhon taproom. Yes, it’s quite the language.