Och aye the noo

We laugh in the face of danger, throw sand in the face of disaster and generally almost get ourselves in trouble. So after sailing close to the wind, hotly pursued by pirates, we have secured supply of some of our regular beers again. So Luther’s Folly and Redhanded are back on tap and growler fills at the brewery today. Der Kaiser Bill IPA will be back early next week! Huzzah! And for all you English Dark Mild types, we’re brewing it again next week, now we have an open fermenter. Sadly Nollaig is done until November! Stay tuned for some new seasonal news.

Luther is now ontap with our friends at The Pint downtown, so if you’re going to any games of the Jet’s home stand over the next couple of weeks, you know what to order. Also available at the Tipsy Cow and Merchant Kitchen nearby.

This Saturday sees our 60 Glasses series revisiting the world of ciders. In honour of Burns Night, January 25, we produced a Heather and Honey Cider, which we’re calling Selkirk Grace. Often attributed to Burns, it is said that during the poet’s visit to the seat of the Earl of Selkirk, he was asked to say Grace, and he delivered this short poem. As Wikipedia says in it’s Scots verion “The Selkirk Grace, is a prayer said afore eatin that’s attreebute tae Robert Burns:

Some hae meat and canna eat,
And some wad eat that want it,
But we hae meat and we can eat,
Sae let the Lord be Thanket!”

And yes, we know that ‘Och aye the noo’ is nonsensical Scots but hey we’re Irish, we really invented the bagpipes and gave them to the Scots as a joke.