Nuts, and nuts in buses

“I’m nut intolerant, can I try your Peanut Butter Stout”

Yes, a real question, the best question since a vegan asked us if the Maple Bacon Porter was vegan friendly. On being told it was made with real bacon, they replied that they imagined it was figurative bacon.

So Marcellus Peanut Butter Stout  is NOT made with figurative nuts. It will kill you.

If you are nut intolerant, please let us know. The counter staff will wash their hands prior to pouring your beer in case they’ve been in contact with the Peanut Butter Stout. We have a dedicated hose for growler filling it, and all hoses are regularly sanitized as is the glassware. But please let us know, as we can be extra careful.

Nollaig, our Christmas Winter Ale is now on tap, and available in cans to go!.

Moving swiftly on, our holiday opening hours are now on the website. And we’re having an Christmas bus excursion ourselves, hopping around the other Winnipeg breweries on Wednesday 19th of December, so no taproom opening that night!