Now we are ready for Pre-K

It only seems like four years ago that we opened our doors. It feels like eight but we are technically four today. And we have been informed that we can now go to Pre-K, which we reckon is somewhere north of here, on Henderson.

We’re humble folks, so the big bash isn’t for us during this health pandemic.To celebrate, we have some of our favourite German beers coming back over this week. Today sees the return of Roter Hase, now affectionally named Dexter. It is a Nürnberg style rotbier (red beer) that we have brewed specially for Oktoberfest.

Next week we’re bring back Lola, our Köttbusser! Named after the German town of Kötbuss, southeast of Berlin, the Köttbusser is a lagered honey wheat ale with a golden hue, subtle spice complexity and a dry finish similar to an Altbeer.