No Von Claptrapp Here

Moving swiftly onwards from the late pulling of last week’s 60 Glasses because we weren’t happy enough with the product to offer it to you, our customers. When the time discussing a beer become more of “this isn’t quite how we wanted it”, then it’s time to pour it away. We are constantly aiming to better ourselves and we will revisit this recipe. This weekend’s offering is a Berliner Weisse Cider, which we’re calling Edelweiss, with a nice level of sourness to the apple.

We are busy planning a new beer schedule for the next six months, including some new beers. So stay tuned! There’s a bunch of new beers being worked on, including one-offs and some new spring/summer seasonals.

Appropriately consider the goodness we make from grain, we’re a sponsor of the annual Great Grain Wellness Relay, a fun event on Saturday March 10, 2018 at the Max Bell Centre at the University of Manitoba. This running relay raises funds for KidSport Winnipeg, and is in its 36th year. You don’t need to be a super athlete to take part, so raise a team from work or your local bar. There’s usually a refreshing beer afterwards and in recent years they have introduced the Beer Mile – which is fun to watch.

Also delighted to announce another Yoga @ Stone Angel – Saturday March 3 at 10.30am. Tickets are available via Eventbrite and payment will also be taken on the day. Unlike the previous session, the taproom will be closed to customers during the yoga (it’s earlier than opening time), but will open to allow a post-yoga beer afterwards. Starting Saturday the way Saturdays were intended to be.

If you follow us on social media, you may be aware that the long running epic “I, Signage” seems to be drawing to a close. The pylon lights have been repaired and we’re hopeful (not betting on it, mind) that the fascias will go up in the next few days.

Slainte! And see you in the taproom!