Introducing…. Nollaig & Kettle Sour

It’s back! One of our original brews from the large pasta pot on the electric stove days. And it’s all wrapped up all sexy and lovely in cans. Nollaig is back. A winter ale with warming spices of cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger, and with notes of chocolate, it’s Christmas in a glass, or technically a can and then a glass. Drinking straight from a can makes brewers cry. Don’t make brewers cry, they just want you to be happy.

Of course, at this time of year, being Irish means knowing the entire lyrics of Fairytale of New York, including the rarely sung missing verse. But drinking our Winter Ale comes a close second.

But that’s not all. We have another present for you, dear friends. You spoil us, Stone Angel, you cry. But you’re worth it, say we. Cue virtual group hugs and screen fistbumps.

We’ve made a Kettle Sour with our good cheese-making buddies at Loaf+Honey. We thought long and hard about this, so we named it, wait for it, it’s a good one…. “Kettle Sour“. It’s been a long year, the well of intelligent names has run dry. We interrupted the brew of this kettle sour for 48 hours to add cheese culture allowing souring to occur naturally. So no added Lactic Acid, and it doesn’t need pointing out that it’s not Vegan. But maybe we will.

So right now at the taproom, we have 14 products in cans, we recommend our Flight of Angels for maximum holiday cheer. Comes with your choice of a 16oz or 20oz glass.