Miss Marple Detects, Miss Havisham Regrets

Der Kaiser Bill will be back on tap at the brewery this Friday. At least it better be, or the brewer will meet an unfortunate accident, an accident involving a vat of caustic and falling into a fermenter. Tragic accident it will seem but it would require a Miss Marple to solve.

Fortunately for this writer, there is no Miss Marple on the horizon, but we do have a Miss Havisham, and sadly she has regrets. But happily (for her) we decided to properly immortalise her as an ESB for the 60 Glasses series this coming Saturday. What has Dickens done for her recently, we ask you.

Our next big event is offsite, at the cozy Cafe Carlo on Lilac Street, just steps from Corydon. It will be a lovely evening with great food that our Brewmaster Other Paul (if he makes it through Friday) will pair some of our beers and ciders to. Check out the menu! Tickets are still available, by calling Cafe Carlo at 204 477 5544.

So what’s all the preoccupation with death and murder, I hear you cry. Clearly those who cry haven’t noticed the eight-foot tall sentinel of death in the corner of the taproom. Anyway in April, we are having a fun evening – a radio play – a whodunnit set on a train heading through the Canadian Shield. Further details on this website soon, but mark your calendars for Monday, April 9.