Meet the team! No.1 Van of Happiness

So Irish Paul sat down at a safe social distance with some members of the team here to allow you to learn a bit about what makes them tick! First in a very random series.

Name: Van of Happiness
Length of time in position: Almost 3 years

So what’s your real name?
I was christened Morrison, but I don’t like it, and tend not to use it.

So you’re really Van…
Please don’t say it.

What made you choose a job in the craft beer industry?
I guess you could say that it choose me. I’ve always been driven, and follow directions well, so a job in logistics looked a natural fit. The craft beer scene seemed so much fun, that when I met the two Pauls and James, and they liked me, the rest was history.

Of all our products, which is your favourite?
Well I’m not much of a beer drinker as you know, but I seem to carry more and more of the Redhanded and Peanut Butter Stout these days. I’ve always looked forward to delivering Onkel Georg as it means that summer is here. But personally a little Esso Regular really gets my motor running.

What do you like most about your job?
The happy faces of our customers as they come to their door step and see their flat of beer. The friendly wave, the look over their shoulder as they tell others the beer has arrived makes my wheelarches a little sweaty.


Any pets?
I tried having a dog but the walking was difficult for me.

Bombers or Jets?
Bombers! Always loved a propeller driven aircraft, great big thrumming engines! Secretly if I was reincarnated as another vehicle, I’d like to come back as Captain Blue’s little plane.

Maybe it will happen! Can you see yourself doing anything else?
Well look at me, I’m built for doing deliveries, but I like the smell of pizza.

Anything you’d like to add for your fans?
Wave and hit the horn if you see me out and about! And I love having my photo taken!

Thanks Van!
No problem.

Van is currently appearing off-Broadway and other Winnipeg streets in a daily production of “Beer in a time of madness”. Tickets available daily before 4pm.