Low lie the fields of Pembina

Ah the Irish traditional songbook….
“Danny Boy” (1910, written by an Englishman)
“When Irish Eyes Are Smiling” (1912, written by Americans)
“The Fields of Athenry” (1979, thats better, true Irish misery!)*

Only one of these songs is socially exceptable at a proper St. Patrick’s Day celebration, one with no “kiss me I’m Irish tshirts”, or food colouring in mass produced yellow beer. Infact we were thinking of doing away with the whole green thing in favour of blue just to be contrary. Google it!.

Arranging a proper Patrick’s Day takes time, there’s many moving parts, but we have it down now. So here’s Irish Paul to let you know what’s going on….

“Begorrah, how’s about ye. Shure we’re gonna have a great day of craic, mighty craic altogether. Music is starting at 2pm with the Flatland Ceili Band from Comhaltas Winnipeg. Comhaltas is a traditional Irish music organisation with chapters all around the world. Great toe tapping schtuff altogether. They’ll be grand craic. After that we’ll have the McConnell Dancers, who will be around all afternoon, kicking their feet up and moving their arms a little. They’ll be fierce craic too….. ”

Okay in English, that’s more than enough Stage Oirishness….

2.00 – 3.00pm: Flatland Ceili Band from Comhaltas Winnipeg
McConnell Dancers
4.00 – 5.00pm: Tim Veldhuis & friends
McConnell Dancers
5.30 – 6.30pm: Enaid
McConnell Dancers
7.00 to close: Killick
Pipers to finish

All timings approximately Irish.
Popup food from 4 to 8pm from Loaf+Honey

*Yes, it’s the song about deportation and the Famine. But also about love.