Little Goat!

There once was a mean troll who lived under a bridge. With eyes as big as saucers, and a nose as long as a poker, he was a sight to behold. One day along came three goats, all named Gruff. And weirdly also all named Billy.

So first of all came the youngest Billy Goat Gruff to cross the bridge.
“Trip, trap, trip, trap! ” went his little hooves on the bridge.
“Who’s that tripping over my bridge?” roared the troll .

“Oh, it is only I, the tiniest Billy Goat Gruff , and I’m going up to the hillside to make myself fat,” said the billy goat, with such a small voice. Of course he lied slightly as this being Winnipeg, there’s really not a hill. But kids will be kids.

“Now, I’m coming to gobble you up,” said the troll.
“Oh, no! pray don’t take me. I’m too little, that I am,” said the billy goat. “Wait a bit till the second Billy Goat Gruff comes. He’s much bigger.”
“Well, be off with you,” said the troll.

And the little goat headed across the bridge and travelled down to South Pembina where he made delicious food for a pop up kitchen on July 24th.

The troll, well he’s still hungry, as the other goats were quite smart, and took the bike route. Don’t be the troll.