Little Goat & Baltic Brothers

Beer is great. We think we are all agreed on this. Otherwise why are you reading this? With a recent change of the rules for taprooms, we decided to expand our beer offerings with beertails. But instead of faffing around with a drop of juice here, an icecube there, we decide to call in an expert.

So we invited the local guys from Baltic Brothers to create a beertail menu for you. The menu will be seasonal as the beers change, and we already have ideas for more.

As we wanted to have some fun with this, we’re launching the beertail menu this coming Saturday with a popup kitchen from Alex and his crew at Little Goat. And really who can resist their food?

Tickets are available via our site and will get you one of each cocktail and a paired dish. How cool is that? Very we think.

Mexico’s beloved cocktail – Sweet, sour, a little bitter, it’s got all the major taste groups, plus ice, a bubbly citrus Pilsner, and alcohol; what’s not to like?
Pacific Ling Cod Seviche
With grapefruit, jalapenos, green olive and lime topped with brewers yeast popcorn

Baltic Banquet
Our easy-drinking golden ale plus the nostalgia of grandma’s apple pie, notes of sweet vanilla, tastes of fruity complexity and smells of freshly mown hay.
Pork Pie
With pork belly and pork cheek, goodland apple and summer savoury applesauce, crispy celery, cider gastrique

Onkel Georg’s Mule
A sweet and pleasantly tart orange & grapefruit Pilsner meets spicy ginger, maple, hibiscus & lime to evoke a warm & bright flavour combination.
Soba Noodle Salad
With shaved raw beef, cucumber, lime, thai chilies, basil, cilantro, daikon, napa cabbage and a sesame, soy, ginger vinaigrette

A smooth and rich Peanut Butter Stout, decadent black currants and the spice of Irish whiskey come together for a grown up take on a classic treat.
PB&J Tarte
Peanut butter cheesecake, cassis gellée, salted peanut brittle, 70% cocoa chocolate