Lettuce go Bombers, lettuce go

It’s going to be a lovely day on Friday. Yes, it will, it’s the Bomber Home Opener, the colour, the excitment, the athleticism, the Ottawa Redblacks… the what now…

For Irish Paul’s first years as a Bomber season ticket holder, he couln’t understand the fans’ preoccupation with lettuce. Until one day he sat in the sober section and discovered it was “Let’s go”. We decided it needed a popup kitchen, so Chef Alex is back with a selection of his fabulous small dishes, all reasonably priced in these tough times. So once the Bomber fans leaf(ve) for the game, and you want a patio and a bite to eat, you know where we are.

Also a reminder that it’s time to buy your Ballpark Brewfest tickets from Ticketmaster, as they’re starting to announce the local breweries attending. Hint, it’s most of them.