Let’s just declare Winter over and be done with it

“We’re deemed essential now.”
“Bizarrely so.”
“We need to raise people’s spirits” *Thumps table*
“Ehh okay.”
Such are marketing meetings across the country right now.

But here at Stone Angel Towers, we’re practical minded folks. So we won’t be sending you a daily email reminding you how we’re all in this together. Because you already know that. And we won’t be that company who are clearly so desperate to sell trade show tents that they keep reminding us that their tents make for a great kerbside pickup experience and we should buy one today.

But we will remind you to buy local. Any local, from getting your coffee from the locally owned small cafe down the block to ordering food from the family run restaurant in your neighbourhood. If only because folks are happy to see their customers even when socially distanced. We miss our taproom customers. Hugs!

Dearly beloved, we have gathered here today
To get through this thing called life….

Enough digression, we are really here today to talk about new releases. No, not Prince’s latest track from beyound the grave but beers and ciders. We’re done with winter, you’re done with winter, he’s done with winter, she’s done with winter…. so let’s call the whole thing off. It’s time for summer beers and drinks, and we have some great ones planned for you – old favourites and new experiences.

Recently released in cans is The Caravan Gose On, our new Gose and first of our summer lineup. Available at vendors, online and at the taproom, it’s a light refreshing lemontastic Gose, perfect for the warmer sunny days that approach.

Coming in cans from Friday, drumroll please, after years of being asked, more drums please, add cowbell please, a little tambourine, yes it is a cider. In. A. Can!

We are releasing our original dry cider with hints of cinnamon and Nana’s apple pie. It will be available online and at the taproom only. We’re not releasing the cider to vendors or Liquor Mart stores. The sour cider will follow in a couple of weeks.

Our next summer release is in the tank. What is it you cry! Ah now, that’s a secret, but we’re calling it “Brewery Not Plaza”! Because we’re not giving up on that particular horse. In fact it would be a great name for a horse at the Downs, any horse trainers out there a customer of ours?

And the official beer of summer, Onkel Georg? Don’t worry, he’ll be here soon enough.

Stay well folks!