Lets go Food Truck!

Wondering what song Valour FC fans will make their own? Will they adopt “Seven Nation Army” like so many NFL and college teams. Or the iconic showtune “You’ll Never Walk Along” like Liverpool? Perhaps “One Great City” by The Weakerthans could be adopted – it is an ironic homage afterall. Or will the fans do the Poznań when Valour scores? Irish Paul being Irish Paul is hoping for chants of “the referee’s a wanker” instead of the usual North American “bullshit” when we disagree with a decision. And hopefully there will be no smuggling of Vespa mopeds into the stadium by Valour FC Ultras.

If you’re going to the home opener to find out the answers to these burning questions, you should know that we’re kicking off our Home Game Food Truck series that day! We plan to have a foodtruck beside the patio for every Blue Bomber and Valour FC homegame! Maybe we’ll even release a beer – wonder what’s in the tank!

It’s going to be a fun summer!