La Feile Padraig – St Patrick’s Day

Checking your wardrobe for a shade of green you would normally not be caught dead in? Thinking of drinks before lunchtime? Irish Stew seems like a good lifestyle choice? Are you stout-curious? Then you may be suffering from stpatricus! But deep breathes, it usually passes quickly, although post-symptoms may include headaches and a light wallet.

We had to talk Irish Paul down from adding Mike Oldfield versions of Irish folk songs to the playlist. Seriously they do exist. But he did add some Irish punk, which we’re desperately trying to find amongst the hundred different versions of Danny Boy, the Fields of Athenry, and a trad version of Bohemian Rhapsody that he has added.

Between the playlists, we have actual real live Irish trad musicians in the taproom. Starting at 2.30, we have the Flatland Ceili Band, from Comhaltas Winnipeg. This is traditional Irish music at its purest.

Later in the early evening we have MacTague and MacAnallen who will be performing some of the Irish classics and are always a good time. In between we have some bagpipers bagpiping, and dancing from the McConnell Irish Dancers.

In addition there will be our two new beers on tap – Brennan’s Barn Irish Pale Ale, and Mountjoy Irish Coffee for you to try. And repeat!