Jets Playoff Games at Stone Angel

The first Winnipeg Jets playoff game that we shall be showing is Game 3, Saturday April 22. It’s not that we don’t want to show you the first two away games but more that we realistically cannot. Due to the terms of our license, there would be a strong likelihood that we would have to ask you to leave the premises before any potential OT was over – all customers are legally bound to be off the premises at midnight. That and we have to stop serving at 11pm. We agree that you’d be more than a little annoyed if the series was to be set on its head (by Hellebuyck scoring a goal to win in OT) while you were exiting the building as per Manitoba law. That said, Game 2 will be on the screens, it’s just that if we have to close, we have to close.

With that in mind, we’d like to invite to join us next Saturday to our comfortable, twin screen surroundings with full audio for what will sure to be an exciting game.