It’s Stoutmas!

“Winter is coming, the goose is getting fat, please put a penny in the old man’s hat, if you haven’t got a penny a ha’penny will do, otherwise buy him Vol.1 of Likeminded Deviants..” went the old nursery rhyme. Really. Ask your gran. Swear to god, it’s true.

But what really is true is that Stoutmas is upon us. The Volume 1 concept album of the ultimate Winnipeg beer superband. Working closely together, the three brewers of Stone Angel, Kilter, and Devil May Care – Paul, Miguel, and Steve – have created a collaborative pack of stouts. Each was carefully brewed to compliment the others. Coffee, Chocolate, Coconut,and Cinnamon – all in stouts – does it get any better.

No it doesn’t! Again ask your gran!

So here’s the rules of fightclub… sorry Stoutmas!

  • The beers and the six pack will be available at 3pm Friday
  • All the beers will be available in flights boards and as 10oz pours. This is due to supply.
  • These beers are NOT available anywhere else. Only at the Stone Angel Brewing taproom
  • You cannot buy the cans separately. Sorry, but the brewers conspired to make them enjoyable together. So you’re buying a six, two of each can.
  • All cans are 473ml
  • It is a limited supply.
  • First 15 purchasers get a free “Likeminded Deviants, Vol.1” tshirt with all three breweries logos on the rear. More of these tshirts will be available for sale. But again a limited run.

And the last rule of Stoutmas is that you must talk about #stoutmas