It’s a season seemingly!

Safely ensconced in the warm moist bowels of the brewery, it’s hard to remember that out there in the cold snow globe that is Winnipeg there are people who don’t hydrate properly. By hydrate we of course mean drink the good stuff. We’re civic minded folks, even when the city ignores are perfectly sensible naming convention for a fancy bus stop, so we’ve compiled this handy gift guide. All gifts will help you proselytize your love for local craft beer, and weirdly all are available at our taproom.

For the baldie in your life, our toque is guaranteed to keep their noggin warm. One size fits all, including big Irish heads.

Featured the iconic roadsign, and back in-stock, our “No Confusion” t-shirt is the pefect gift for the Winnipegger in your life – it’s also a statement of intent. We also have our Winnipeg Beerstyles t-shirt, and the Martin Luther quote t-shirts in stock. Or our cosy hoodie, for when you cuddle up at home with a cold beer.

And of course, there’s always beer to help the love of your life cope with your family over the holiday season, or you with theirs. And a glass to put it in.